River Trail Expansion

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5/20/2015 6:40 P.M.

Bike trails continue to expand throughout the area.

The state of Ohio is doing so to promote alternative transportation.

That includes plans to expand trails in and near Marietta.

The city of Parkersburg has built an extensive network of bicycle trails in its city.

It's received the approval of the Wood County Board of Education for even more.

"We have a tentative agreement for us to build multi-purpose lanes through part of the facility at Parkersburg South (high school) to Southwood Park," said Parkersburg Development Director Rickie Yeager. "We're also looking at putting signage on Dudley Avenue, for bike lanes and what not. So things are moving forward."

The discussion came at Wednesday's meeting of the Wood-Washington-Wirt Interstate Planning Council.

The council also was told right of way should be acquired this summer for the widening of route 14 from south Parkersburg to Pettyville.


A survey found more than 500 people use it every day in Marietta.

That was back in October, the city is now looking for 42 volunteers to help run another survey. Starting Monday for the next two weeks, just a half an hour a week, to count the number of people using the trail.

City Councilman Roger Kalter is in charge of finding volunteers. The next phase expands the trail from K-Mart, out to Wal-Mart across Duck Creek.

"This will provide essential transportation for those within our community that do not have motor vehicles, it will also let those of us that are bicyclist or runners or walkers to be able to go further more for transportation than just recreation," said Roger Kalter, City Councilman, 1st Ward.

The information will then be given to a city engineer to put in place the necessary information for the Phase 5 grant for the river trail.

If you want to volunteer contact Roger Kalter at: 740-373-1784

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