W.Va. Road Construction Preview

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Winter - at least we hope - is over, and it's time for highway departments to start making their orange barrel plan for April to October.

It looks like one of the biggest projects won't begin until fall.

That's construction of a roundabout near the I-77 interchange in Williamstown.

Work will take place during the summer to add a turn lane at the intersection of Pike, Gihon and Rayon Drive in South Parkersburg.

Beyond that, most of the projects the DOH plans this year are road maintenance work.

"We're not expecting any increases in federal funds or state funds through our resources, which is mainly through the gas tax," says Rusty Roten, WVDOH District 3 Engineer.

A roundabout is designed to improve the traffic pattern at busy intersections, by allowing a continuous flow of vehicles.

The Williamstown interstate exit has seen a large increase in traffic, in part since the rest stop opened there ten years ago

Roten doesn't hold out much hope that the legislature in the near future will take any measures aimed at providing more money for any more major road projects.

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