Daredevil Scheduled to Perform in Marietta, Arrested for DUI

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According to police, last week Robbie Knievel was arrested for a DUI in Sturgis, South Dakota and his next planned event is here in Marietta.

"On the day he left, he left early in the morning. He was escorted by security guards, front of him and behind him, cause he was driving his RV out. He was following the security guards and he did not realize he clipped a side mirror of two RV's," said Wei Sheng, Outdoor Heaven Promoter and Event Coordinator."

Reports say Robbie Knievel was arrested outside Buffalo Chip Camp Ground after a show.

Reports say he blew a .228 after hitting into two other motor homes.

Sheng says a security guard that doesn't like Robbie called the cops on him. He says it was a 4-5 day show where everyone performed and drank on private property, comparing it to tailgating at a Ohio State Football Game.

"Should we now ban tailgate parties, should we now ban all these activities because of drinking. Being a celebrity, you are in the line light, if he was not a celebrity probably none of this would of ever been said or done," said Sheng.

Wei Sheng says Robbie, pleaded guilty, was fined and given a 30 day license suspension and is now headed to Marietta for the Sternwheel Festival and the big event on October 19th.

"These issues, I'm not concerned when he come here I think it is still going to be a family event. I still think at least he stood his ground, he is a very nice person and unfortunately something like this has been taken out of context," said Sheng.

Sheng is referring to the phone interview last week that Robbie had with TMZ where he admits he is an alcoholic says many things, including, "I ride motorcycles and I friggin' drink and ride ... that's my deal," said Robbie Knievel, TMZ interview.

"Unfortunately he did say those words, but I can also understand that, TMZ, I did see the interview, and I know that the people on TMZ were doing it for their own benefit, for ratings, just imagine you are in anyone's shoes. He is not a priest he is not a nun. Okay and number two, when he was interviewed he was put on the spot, unfortunately I was not there with him, it's like he had been cross examined," said Sheng.

When local law enforcements found out about Robbie Knievel's DUI their first reaction was concern, for the community and for the event itself.

"Causes me great concern, is he going to be drinking when he is going to do this jump, is he going to be drinking all the time he is in our community, and certainly I think is an area that the people involved in this promotion need to investigate and take a look at," said Sheriff Larry Mincks, Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Mincks says it is not only that Robbie openly admits that he drinks and drives his motorcycle, but for the people that will attend the event.

"It may be a concern for the people that may decide to attend, and watch it. I think there are a lot of issues that maybe we really don't know about yet, that is going to have ramifications from him being arrested for a DUI and especially his admission that he is an alcoholic and he is not going to change, he basically said he is going to be drinking all the time," said Sheriff Mincks.

Even with the concern, Sheng says this event in South Dakota will not effect the event here in Marietta and everything will go on as planned.

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