Rock the Test

On Monday, Washington Elementary School geared up to 'rock the test' with a no-holds barred pep rally that got the kids excited about the upcoming testing season.

Principal Scott Kratche says they want the kids to relax and just do the best they can.

For fifth graders Sydney Gannon and Haley Spanner, the pep rally was definitely motivating.

“This is gonna like make it more fun and awesome, that type of thing, instead of just be like 'here's your test' go ahead and take it,” Gannon says.

“Because they're getting us more excited and more happy to do the test and to 'rock the test' and be confident,” Spanner says.

According to Kratche, the biggest factor behind the whole event was fun.

He says if they could make it fun for the kids and get their spirits up, he thinks they'll perform better.

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