Rolling Meth Lab Busted in Athens County

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Athens County Sheriff Patrick Kelly said Deputies Ryan Gillette and Keith Tablor received information that 28-year-old Travis J. Older was reportedly driving a silver and red Ford Ranger truck loaded with scrap metal and was en route to McKee's Salvage Yard.

Older had an active felony warrant issued in Meigs County. Deputy Gillitte saw a vehicle matching the description on the scales at McKee's Salvage and as he approached the vehicle, Older saw the deputy and fled.

Deputy Gillette reports that Older ran several stop signs and reached speeds of 80 mph before driving through the intersection of Biddyville and SR 356 where his vehicle was launched into the air over all lanes of traffic on 356. Older's vehicle then traveled on to Scott St. in Mineral and crashed into a bank.

After the pursuit ended, Older's ran into woods with Deputy Gillette in pursuit. Deputy Gillette apprehended Olders and placed him under arrest. During a pat down search, a syringe was found in the front pocket of his coveralls.

While being transported to the South East Ohio Regional Jail, Olders told Deputy Tabler that there was "possibly" a mobile methamphetamine lab located in the vehicle. The area was secured and BCI agent John Jenkins was contacted to check the contents of the suspected lab. There was an "active", partial mobile meth lab, including materials used in the process of manufacturing methamphetamine in the wrecked vehicle.

Evidence of the methamphetamine lab was collected by BCI&I. Agent Jenkins, assisted by the Richland Area Fire Department neutralized and decontaminated the hazardous materials. The decontaminated materials were transported by Fire Chief Roger Deardorff and disposed. Older's is charged with felony fleeing and eluding and production of methamphetamine and possession of chemicals to make methamphetamine will be presented to the Grand Jury.

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