Roofing Company Extends Their Apology

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The water almost ruined the 911 dispatch center for the city of Marietta.

Buxton Roofing says it was the temporary tie ins that failed when City Hall flooded.

"We completed work Friday, of this past week. The roof was torn off and new roof was installed. We temporarily tied in the new roof to the old roof and left for the weekend, which is typical. Heavy rain storms blew in Saturday, late afternoon to the amount that there was enough water of there to to break our tie in," said Adam Froelick, Salesman for Buxton Roofing.

City Hall is currently getting its roof redone. The Buxton Roofing company was chosen for the job back in May and now they are apologizing.

"I just want to apologize to the city of Marietta to everyone that had the expectations as high as they did. I can understand the pain and anxiety everyone has when a roofing crew from out of town shows up. There is a lot of crossing your fingers and hoping everyone does it right. We take that seriously, this is what we do for a living," said Froelick.

The company's president Kathy Fermandez says this situation does not show the true quality of their work.

"We have put on thousands of feet of roofing. We've got letters from all of our different vendors that we can put all different types of roofs on. We have no problems, all of our roofs, majority of our roofs are warranted should they want a warranty. And like I said, they are all 20 year warranty's. Everything will be fine and we will always be here, we'll be here," said Fermandez.

After the past couple of days of flooding and leaks, City Hall officials are frustrated.

"This did cause a lot of problems, a lot of water intrusion into the building. I do want to commend the city employees who responded very well to the situation and the police department. We had water intrusion into the dispatch office and we moved very quickly to make sure that electronic equipment and computers were not damaged," said Marietta City Engineer, Joe Tucker.

City officials say they are upset at the inconvenience this has caused many people and departments within the building. Buxton Roofing has responded, with changes with management and workers, here on the job.

"I have three management teams here, and what's going to happen is that they are going to be here every day. They are going to rotate and someone is going to be here every day. They are going to look at the tie ins. The city is going to look at the tie ins. Jared is going to look at the tie ins so every night, everyone is going to check each other," said Fermandez.

The city building has needed a new roof for a while and Fermandez says they will still provide the best roof possible and make this situation right again.

"See that's another thing is that I know this building has been leaking a long time and I want to make it right for them. I want them to have a good roof, they bought a good roofing system," said Fermandez.

The company says this new roof is a fiber tight roof and has a 20 year warranty.

Construction will continue when the weather allows until the project is finished.

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