Rotary Turkey Distribution for the Hungry

turkey dinner
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It's a first for Wood County, Rotary distributed three hundred turkeys at area churches on Friday to feed the hungry. For Robert McElfresh II of Parkersburg, it was just in time for a merry Christmas.

"I'm very happy about it, very excited and they're very good people," McElfresh says.

It was a welcome surprise for many and a needed one.

"We contacted our clients and told them that we have an additional present for them this Christmas -- they get a turkey," says Marjorie Bevans, rector at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Parkersburg.

Christmas dinner might be a meal many would normally miss, but with a free 15-pound turkey, it'll be more than a meal... they'll have food for several days.

"They were really surprised that we were calling them to offer them something, 'cause you know, usually they're calling us to ask us for something," says Linda Crocker, parish ministries coordinator at Good Shepherd.

Poverty doesn't discriminate.

"Clients that are getting these turkeys are mostly people that come to our food pantry," Crocker says. "We have everything from single adults, usually elderly people that are living off social security... we have families, couples; we have the whole spectrum."

Helping those hurting the most is what's important to Good Shepherd.

"It's what we need to be doing in this neighborhood," Bevans says.
"As long as this church is here we'll be engaged in this kind of ministry."

McElfresh is going to roast his turkey and share it with those who mean the most...

"My wife and my kids," he says.

Beechwood Presbyterian Church and The Rock also took part in distributing turkeys.

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