Route 47 Accident

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Police are looking for a man they say is responsible for causing an accident on Route 47 last night.

Lt. David Massey with the Wood County Sheriff's office says just before nine last night, Elizabeth resident Carrie Nichols was traveling in the eastbound lane on Route 47 just south of Kanawha School, when she hit a car in her path of travel.

That car was driven by Darren Cottrill - also of Elizabeth.

Massey says Cottrill's car had moved left of center and was turned sideways in the roadway when Nichols hit it.

He says it's not clear at this point why Cottrill's car was in this position in the road.

Massey says Cottrill's vehicle was split in two when officers got on scene and the pieces were over a guardrail.

Massey says Cottrill fled the area and they're still trying to find him.

A dog that was traveling with him was on the scene.

It died from the impact.

Nichols and her passenger - whose name was not immediately available - were taken to the hospital.

Nichols is in fair condition there this morning.

Anyone with information on Cottrill's whereabouts is asked to call the sheriff's office at 304-424-1834.

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