Rural Areas Struggle To Recover From June 29th Storms

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"You could hear trees cracking all around us. It was really frightening," Mindi Ford says, as she explains the June 29th storm that moved through the area.

The Ford family rode out the storm from the basement of the Love Hill Road home in Waverly. As soon as the storm passed Ford, her husband and neighbors went straight to work by clearing roads and checking on others.
Now, more than one week removed from the storm, Waverly is still without power.

"We just recently saw a tree company come through. We've just recently seen the electric company come through," Ford explains. "We haven't seen the state. We haven't seen anything. Its been us. It's just been the neighbors and we've been checking in on each other and not everyone is as lucky as us. We have a generator."

That 'luck' is starting to become a burden as the price of recovery continues to climb.

"The generator we had to buy had to be at least 7,000 watts to run the well pumps and that was $1,000 right there," Ford explains. "Fuel is anywhere from $50 -$80 a day. We lost an entire deep freeze of meats and, ya know, I don't even know what that's going to cost us to replace. Maybe another $2,000."

The cost will continue to rise until electricity is restored. Ford says she understands how hard crews are working to get power turned on but that doesn't make trying to survive in the heat any easier.

"We all understand the crews are out there and they're doing everything they can," Ford says. "They're working out here in this heat that we're all trying to battle. But to know that we're that last ones... it's frustrating."

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