SB5 Town Hall Meeting

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Some Washington County union members and supporters have taken their concerns over Senate Bill 5 to their local representative.

State Representative Andy Thompson, R-OH 93rd District, hosted a town hall meeting this afternoon to discuss the bill, which would dramatically reduce collective bargaining rights for Ohio's public workers.

Fire fighters, policemen and teachers filled a conference room at the Washington County Public Library, firing questions at the representative.

But Thompson says the meeting didn't change his stance on the measure.

"I'm pretty well versed on this bill," said Thompson. "I'm reading through it to make sure I'm not missing anything. I believe we need to do something differently when it comes to collective bargaining; we need some reform."

Thompson told Saturday's crowd that the state is surveying all options to make itself more cost efficient and it's not simply targeting public employees.

Senate Bill 5 has already passed the Senate and is currently being reviewed in the House.

Governor Kasich has said he will sign off on it.

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