SBIRT Awards Luncheon

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They were hooked and needed a lifeline.

Westbrook Health Services recognized the experts who taught addicts about recovery at an afternoon awards luncheon on Wednesday.

West Virginia Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment Project (SBIRT) Project helped get them there.

Jim Matney, West Virginia SBIRT clinical director says they couldn't have continued with the SBIRT grant if not for their partners in the state.

He says they've embraced it as a clinical model and been willing to implement and promote it statewide.

“We know that substance abuse, as well as mental health, is a medical illness and in many other medical illnesses we screen early. For example, we don't let people have heart attacks before we take their blood pressure,” he says.

According to Matney, SBIRT really accepts a paradigm shift where they start to screen early for substance abuse in medical settings.

If someone is heading toward addiction -- there's structured, brief intervention and then longer ongoing treatment if the person is willing.

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