UPDATED: SUV Goes On Wild Ride In Marietta Injuring Two People

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Marietta Police are giving more information about what happened early Saturday morning.

A vehicle on Cutler Road goes over the embankment landing on 7th Street.

The Police say the driver did flee the scene.

The passenger was the owner of the vehicle and says he didn't know who the driver was.

A 19-year-old, Natalie Mayan, was walking in the direct path as the vehicle went down the steps. She has a broken leg as a result. Another, jumped a fence going over to help Mayan, when they broke their leg as well.

The accident is still under investigation with charges pending.

An SUV goes on a wild ride in Marietta driving down stairs and hurting two people, one who just happened to be walking on the sidewalk in the direct path of the SUV.

Marietta Police say it happened early Saturday morning around 12:30.

The accident started on Cutler Road and ended on 7th Street where the SUV went over a hillside, down stairs and came to rest on a sidewalk.

The passenger in the car was hurt and taken to a hospital. There's no word on their injuries.

A 19 year old girl was also hurt. Police say she was walking on the sidewalk in the direct path of the SUV when she was hit.

She was taken to the hospital. Other sources tell us she has a few broken bones.

Police won't say how it happened, only saying the accident is under investigation.

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