UPDATE: Woman Charged With OVI After Police Say She Drove Onto Railroad Bridge

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UPDATE 10/31/2013 4:30 PM

A car was found on the railroad bridge late Wednesday night between Belpre and Parkersburg.

Now the driver is charged.

it happened just before midnight Wednesday night.

The SUV was on the railroad bridge over top of the water.

The Belpre Police Department says there were reports of multiple people in the car but when authorities arrived only the woman driver, Carrie Strahler, was there.

Belpre Police say the 41-year-old is charged with OVI and trespassing on railroad property.

More charges are possible.

CSX removed the SUV safely shortly after midnight.

The railroad bridge between Parkersburg and Belpre is meant for trains but Wednesday night a driver decided to cross the bridge by car.

The SUV was spotted just before midnight Wednesday night sitting on the railroad bridge.

The vehicle made its way from Belpre, stopping around the West Virginia/Ohio border.

The Wood County Dispatch Center says the driver and possible passengers have not been found and CSX was able to remove the SUV before a train had the chance.

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