Safety Town Celebrates 36 Years

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The first kids to graduate Safety Town are now nearing 40 years old.
Safety Town celebrates 36 years.

Safety Town starts next Monday June 17th. It is free to kids ages five or six about to go into kindergarten.

Educational Coordinator Cheryl Cook says Safety Town teaches kids one safety lesson a day. For nine days, the children learn about things such as personal safety, strangers, weather, construction, water and traffic.

"This is the 36th year of Safety Town. I think that certainly speaks to the quality of the program that it has endure this many years and people are still wanting their children to attend seeing the value of it," said Cook.

The pre-meeting was held today with everyone involved.
Representatives from the highway patrol, city police, mayor, sheriff, school nurses and city officials were all present.

Each child attending Safety Town will also be given and fitted for their own bike helmet.

Cook says there still are still spots open for children however, only in the afternoon.

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