Salt Supplies

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Keeping the roads drivable.

Tuesday, it became an even bigger challenge.

Road crews were out all night and throughout the day.

And melting the snow and ice takes lots of road salt.

With this being the biggest snow so far this winter, the challenge now is keeping that salt in supply.

"In Washington County, we have about 2,500 tons of salt left on inventory," says Ryan Mayle, ODOT District 10 Transportation Manager. "We have about 12,000 gallons of calcium chloride we pre-treat with, that really helps during cold temperatures. And we can order salt and have it here in two weeks."

The City of Parkersburg also has ordered more salt for the remainder of the winter.

ODOT pre-treats state roads with a mixture of salt and brine.

Mayle says some of that mixture was still on the roads when Tuesday's snowfall began.

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