Salvation Army Encourages Donations

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Spring is in the air and it's time to finally put away all that heavy winter gear.

Think about donating some of your used clothing to the Salvation Army in Parkersburg.

Lt. Mechelle Henry says donating to the Family Thrift Store supports families in need throughout the community.

Items can be new, used or no longer held up by a safety pin and the Salvation Army can repair minor imperfections or give it to other areas that support their programs.

"Clothing is one of our biggest things that we ask people to donate," Henry says. "But there are other things like old plates or cups and knick knacks, furniture, bedding, things like that as well that you would love to just give to charity."

According to Henry, they're also selling Easter baskets for $5 and all the money goes straight back into programs that help their youth, women's ministries and those who could use the extra help.

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