Salvation Army Heat

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It's a long hot summer with a couple months to go. For some, a little extra help is just what they need.

"I think that's real nice. That's better than yeah, being out in that heat; at least you get something cold to drink," Eddie says.

Stay hydrated with a water station right on the premises.

"So if you want to come in and kind of browse the thrift store we do have free, available water here," says Lt. Mechelle Henry, Salvation Army officer.

Need to beat the heat, no problem, The Salvation Army's got you covered... ice water, clean beds and all.

"It helps cool you down a little bit," says Kevin Byers.

"We notice that right now in the summertime it gets very hot so the Salvation Army is available for those that are on the streets, or I hate to say, do not have a place to go during the daytime and just want to get out of the heat," Henry says.

Step inside.

"That sounds good to me, at least you got air conditioning; there it's cool," Eddie says.

They're strengthening their resources together.

"And we also partnered with House to Home, so if they know where that is located as well, they can come over to House to Home to spend during the daytime," Henry says. "We do open at 4:30 in the afternoon, so they can come over and have a nice dinner and stay at the shelter as long as they need to."

For Eddie, cooling off makes a difference.

"They've been feeding me and bedding me and stuff -- about everything," he says.

Get out of the sun, cool down, stay safe and drink enough water. Then the summer will be that much more bearable.

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