Salvation Army Welcomes Those in Need for Thanksgiving

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"The Salvation Army feeds people 365 days a year; it's just that Thanksgiving we do it extra specially," says Jim Maley, chair of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Committee for The Salvation Army. The community expects that of us and we meet the needs of the community."

Come one, come all, to Thanksgiving with many trimmings.

"We're going to have the traditional Thanksgiving day meal of a turkey, we have dressing, mashed potatoes, we have the stuffing, the wonderful side items and wonderful deserts," says Lt. Mechelle Henry. "Not only in The Salvation Army here in Parkersburg, but we'll be serving in six different counties here around West Virginia.

To help others is to help yourself and The Salvation Army always welcomes community support.

"We have lots of volunteers and many donors who want to give back to the community, so what they can do as well is volunteer there to come out and of course deliver some meals, or give to the holiday season in a monetary donation," says Henry.

For some, the dedication to give back shows a deeper spirit of altruism.

"It's important to give back to the community, some people aren't as fortunate as others and I just feel that if I was in that position I would want the help also," says volunteer Shirley Grogg.

Those who need it have a resource right in their own background and can utilize to the fullest extent.

"It's gonna be hard for you to name a demographic group that we don't serve; it cuts across the spectrums," says Maley. "Obviously we help needy, okay, that's what everybody thinks but we help a lot of other people."

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