Santa Giving Away Bikes

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One Marietta man reached out to the community Saturday by giving away bicycles to kids.

Roy Littleton collects used bikes as a hobby.

Littleton hopes to give away more than 130 bikes to kids that really need one.

And the price of the bikes are just one simple thank you.

He spread Christmas cheer one bike at a time and ended up giving away nearly 30 in all.

"It's just a thing to give back to the people. You know, everybody doesn't have enough for their kids this year and many years, they're poor. Since I came from a poor existence, I know what it is to be poor and so, I try to give a little back," says Littleton.

Last year, Littleton gave away nearly 105 bikes.

Littleton says he believes in helping others for free and doesn't expect anything in return.

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