Santa Stops by the Substation

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Santa took a break from his busy schedule to stop by the police substation on Avery Street.

More than 30 kids got the chance to sit on his lap and whisper their Christmas list in his ear.

The police substation runs on volunteer power and they say Santa stopping by is the perfect opportunity for people to come in and see what they have to offer.

It's a post dedicated to serving the community.

"It's really important to understand what function we're providing and that is we're trying to help the city's law enforcement and take some of the work load they have off so they can function and focus more on their core problems here in Parkersburg. We're glad to be a part of that. We're all volunteers. We've all donated our time and our services to the city," says community supervisor Paul Miller.

"You know there's a part of us, even adults, that never loses sight of the fact of what the season is about and we realize how important it is, especially in this time in our country we need this. We need this to keep us positive and focused on why this season is important," says Miller.

Each child got a free picture with Santa to remember the special moment.

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