UPDATE: PHS Athletes Hit The Streets To Collect Donations

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UPDATE: 7/27/2013

Trying to score big with donations to save the stadium, Parkersburg High School athletes were out all over town Friday hoping to get enough money for necessary renovations.

"Red wings, football players, boys soccer, girls soccer, volleyball, basketball, almost every athlete in the school is out helping us try to raise money for the stadium," says Parkersburg High School Football Coach, Don Reeves.

Downtown was full of Parkersburg High School athletes Friday afternoon all hoping to get enough donations to save the stadium.

"It's an honor to be able to play in a stadium so we're trying to raise money so we can play our season there to continue the tradition of Parkersburg High School," says Junior football player, Austin Brown.

It's the tradition of Big Red spirit these Juniors are hoping to continue.

"We get to play in front of our hometown. We get to have all our fans cheering for us," Chase Shank, a PHS football player says.

Junior Red Wings dancer, Sloane Miller says, "on Friday nights, we entertain the town. There's cheerleaders, Red Wings, football players, the ROTC."

And it's not just athletes who shine on Friday nights. The whole school benefits from the stadium.

"The cheerleaders sell programs, the wrestling sells concessions, it helps the whole school. Without us playing at home, it will almost devastate the whole athletic facility," coach Reeves adds.

It's a mission for these students to get the entire community involved.

"Everyone knows someone who has something to do or does any sort of sporting event at the stadium. Everyone's willing to help out whether or not they graduated from PHS," says senior Red Wings dancer, Megan Martin.

You can still donate by heading to the PHS Field House.
Doing all they can to save it -- the Parkersburg High School Stadium Committee is sponsoring ‘Save the Stadium Day.’

On Saturday, June 8 the committee will canvas Vienna and North Parkersburg.

Student athletes and clubs will go door-to-door to request donations.

A remote by Clear Channel Radio in the Big Sandy lot will give teams a chance to report there.

The Red Wings are also holding an on-site car wash.

“We're hoping to get some people an opportunity that maybe want to do something, smaller donors if you will,” says Pam Goots, principal of PHS. “We're in kind of crunch time here so every donation counts and will certainly help save stadium field.”

The stadium has been there since 1923.

Goots says she would venture there is not an adult in Parkersburg who hasn't been to an event at Stadium Field and hopefully enjoyed the venue.

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