Saving Your Family's History One Gravestone At A Time

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He is a man on a mission saving your family's history one tombstone at a time.

Gravestone Guardian of Ohio Owner, Mark Morton, visited the historic Mound Cemetery to repair three tombstones.

"I've seen a lot of ancestor's tombstones wondering what I could do with them, some were broken, some were leaning, some of them couldn't be read. so I took some classes and did a lot of self study and learned how to do this," says Morton.

Morton also didn't mind showing people how he actually brings back the history into the gravestones.

"Well basically you would come in start with an initial cleaning, look for all the pieces, kind of dry fit them together when they're broken and many times it's like putting together a jig-saw puzzle, you know fits one certain way," added Morton.

For the past three years, Mark Morton transformed tombstones looking damaged to brand new.

And it all started with his passion of fixing them.

"When I walk through a cemetery looking at tombstones, I wonder what this person's life was like, what were the times like at their time, the things that they went through. Been a history major, I've been a history fanatic all my life and this just kind of fits with that passion for history and those that came before," replied Morton.

Members of the group Marietta Cemeteries Coming Alive are happy to have Morton sharing his knowledge to the community.

"It really means a lot to have someone coming in with the expertise to preserve and teach others of us that are interested in this the techniques to repair some of the stones that are broken or fallen into disrepair over the years," The Castle Museum Executive Director, Scott Brit ton said.

Morton says he travels to cemeteries in Ohio and surrounding states repairing tombstones.

He hopes to continue teaching people how to bring back the history within the gravestones.

Morton will be holding a class in Marietta for those interested in learning about genealogy and the repairing tombstones.

No word yet on when the classes will be held.

For more information, please contact Roger Kalter at 740-373-1784 or visit Marietta Cemeteries Coming Alive's website at

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