Wood County Sheriff's Office Saves In Fuel Costs

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Many in the valley are pinching pennies to fill up their tanks, but The Wood County Sheriff's Office is seeing savings.

Just this past year alone, the sheriff's office saved over 29,000 dollars in fuel costs. That's compared to spending back in 2009.

One reason for the savings is new fuel efficient cars. Those hybrids get 47 miles per gallon. That's almost 30 mpg's more than the older sheriff's cars.

"We were under budget and a lot of that came from our contract workers who made mental hygiene transports vs having a deputy take time off the streets of Wood County to transport. Gasoline savings was very beneficial to our budget in that from 2009 to this year, we're averaging 1,000 gallons of gasoline less per month," says Sheriff Jeff Sandy.

For more on the sheriff's office savings, you can check out their Facebook page.

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