"Scam Artist" Arrest, Marietta

Marietta Police arrest a man they describe as a scam artist. They say he made his way around different businesses in Marietta Thursday.

Investigators say a "quick change scam artist" stole $45 from Rite Aide then again at the Duke and Duchess gas station. He also tried to do the same at Go Mart and the Marathon Station but was unsuccessful.

Police say he still continued going to K-Mart to try again when employees there had already been made aware of the possible gimmick.

Officers were then able to arrest Harry Fahner when he was leaving the store.

They say Fahner gave the names and information including social security numbers of two different people. Fahner, from Kentucky, eventually admitted his name.

He is now charged with theft, obstructing official business, and a warrant for failure to appear and falsification from Lawrence County Ohio.

Police now ask that any other business that had a similar experience was this man to contact them at 740-376-2007.

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