School Bus Checks

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All school buses are checked before the school year. The Ohio State Highway Patrol says it's all about safety for the kids.

Trooper Mike Stevens, with the Ohio State Highway Patrol says, they look at the bus as a whole but the main components are brakes, tires and steering to make sure everything working properly to get the kids to school safely.

These inspections happen twice yearly, once in the summer and a surprise spot inspection around November, just to make sure everything is running as it should be.

Trooper Stevens says with the school year starting up, road safety in general is always a concern with more school buses around and kids crossing the street.

"We just want to remind motorists that the school year is coming and the buses are going to be out there. Remind the motorists to allow extra time getting in, your work day, on your way to work or school, be as patient as you can, and please do not pass stopped school buses," said Trooper Stevens.

Trooper Stevens and his team checks 700 school buses over the summer.

Trooper Stevens says parents don't need to worry, the buses are very safe for their children.

He says the schools do a really good job and there are so many eyes looking at the buses, they make sure things don't go wrong.

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