School Shooting Safety

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After another school shooting Tuesday, safety is a top priority this fall for local schools.

Today in Decatur, Georgia there was a shooting at an elementary school. No one hurt. The gun man was taken into custody.

The Principal of Marietta High School Bill Lee says, safety is important this school year. They now use a new safety training program and are also just finishing up renovations to the school itself, to keep their students safe.

Principal Lee says it is called A.L.I.C.E.

Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuation.

This differs from old safety training because it doesn't have the students barricade themselves in the classroom and wait. Instead, authorities locate the shooter and figure out a way to get the students out of the building.

Principal Lee says it is unfortunate in today's culture but these safety measures need to be taken.

"Have an exit plan. If something happens, what are you going to do besides panic? And that is why we go through these drills on a regular basis, so they are calm under these conditions," said Lee.

Principal Lee says he tells this to his students for where ever they go, in school or any public event.

Marietta High School has done renovations this summer as well, connecting all buildings with enclosed walkways. Principal Lee says having the students in separate buildings raised concerns with parents. Now, all the students are under one roof making it safer.

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