Science Is Golden

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From how our lights go on to what causes the "plop, plop, fizz, fizz" in Alka Seltzer?

Those are the projects students from throughout Wood County worked on.

They were all displayed at the 40th annual Wood County Science Fair at WVU-Parkersburg.

More than 100 projects were on display, including a test of what kind of music encourages chickens to produce more eggs.

"I found out that music does affect it, and that they do have a preference, and their favorite type of music is country," said Sydney Bohn, a sixth-grader at Hamilton Middle School, who conducted the experiment. "I played rock and country, and one week, they didn't listen to any music."

This fun activity had a serious side to it.

This year's fair was dedicated to the victims of last week's Connecticut tragedy.

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