Sec. Of State Urges Voters To Watch For Election Fraud

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West Virginia secretary of state Natalie Tennant is asking voters to keep an eye out for election fraud as they head to the polls .

The election count down,which began the day after the special primary on August 28, hit zero at 6:30 Tuesday morning as polls opened across the state.

Secretary Tennant urged people to watch out for things like people trying to vote twice or a person taking a picture of a ballot.

There has been staff in the secretary of state's office since 4:30 Tuesday morning, taking phone calls from citizens and election workers.

Tennant says it's a citizen's right to vote, and their responsibility to report election fraud.

"As voters head to the polls, they have a right to vote, but we are also asking them to exercise some of their responsibility. And that's in terms of if they see anything out of the ordinary. If they see someone trying to vote twice, or in the wrong area, or assisting someone, or if they see someone buying or selling a vote, or electioneering in the 300 foot mark, we want them to contact their county clerk or the secretary of state's office," said Tennant.

If you witness what you believe might be a violation of West Virginia election law, contact the secretary of state's office at (304) 558-6000.