Giving Local Pets A Loving, Caring Home

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UPDATE 8-4-13 8:34PM

Bikers from across the valley are going on a journey becoming a saving grace to our pets.

It's all part of the second annual Shelter Pet Poker Run put on by the Sly Fox Fine Food and Spirits.

And Owner, Bobbi Starkey, is doing everything in her power to give animals a loving home they truly deserve.

"I'm a pet lover myself and I just love animals and just feel bad for the unwanted animals and would love to just help them out and try to help people out that love animals too but cannot afford to adopt them," says Starkey.

This fundraiser has a dynamic goal which they're striving to reach by traveling over 100 miles to make a bigger impact.

"We ride to five different stops, they draw cards and all their donations will go to towards the shelter animals to the run," added Starkey.

And the bikers enjoy helping out animals one stop at a time.

"Well I got a dog and cats at the house, I love animals and helping them if we can. So me and my girlfriend are out here to help with it today," replied Ron Craddock.

"I love pets and anything I can do to help raise money for the sheltered pets, that's the reason I come out here to help raise the money and for the pets," Brian Caltrider said.

Workers at the Sly Fox appreciate bikers traveling 100 miles on their motorcycle just so they can be a helping hand to pets here in our community.

"Bikers are family, we are all family. We may not see each other everyday or every week, every month but if anybody or anything's in need, family, friends, children, we always get together and have runs to raise money to help out," says Starkey.

Even though Starkey had to cancel the Shelter Pet Poker Run in early July due to rain, it didn't stop her and fellow bikers of raising money for the Humane Society of Parkersburg.

And they look forward to continue being a big help to a community they call home.

Starkey says during the Shelter Pet Poker Run in July, they raised a little over $700.

On Sunday, Sly Fox tripled that amount as they received over $2,000 in donations including a container full of pennies.
One Parkersburg bar and grill took time out to help make a difference for our four-legged friends Sunday afternoon.

The Sly Fox tried to put on their second annual Shelter Pet Poker Run but was forced to cancel it due to the weather.

However, it didn't stop them from having free food inside and most importantly, taking donations.

All proceeds will go to the Humane Society of Parkersburg.

"It's really awesome. I think they're under budgeted, underpaid, and they need all the donations and monetary help they can get to keep the overpopulation and the stray animals in the county down to a minimum," says Sly Fox Bar and Grill Bartender, Kate Morton.

Last year, Sly Fox collected over $2,000 in donations and all of the pets they helped sponsor got adopted.

Workers at the bar and grill say the Shelter Pet Poker Run will be rescheduled at a later date.

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