Secret Service Visits WVUP

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The secret is out!

They guard the President, fight high profile financial crimes and serve with honor.

They often find themselves the subject of movies.

The United States Secret Service was in the Valley Tuesday.

A few dozen students, alums and faculty spoke with a U.S. Secret Service agent Tuesday afternoon at WVUP.

The agent took questions from people interested in a career with the service.

Unlike the military, the Secret Service doesn't require a lengthy commitment, but they do get to serve the country in a unique way.

"I thought that he was extremely informative. He was saying that the secret service isn't like any other branch. They don't have a quota. The recruiters don't have a quota and if you go into the secret service you're not obligated. You can come out," says student Brandon Coss.

A WVUP graduate and a Navy veteran, Coss says he'd like a job with the Secret Service.

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