Seeing Pink in City Park

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Folks showed up in support at the 4TH Annual Breast Cancer Awareness 5k Run/Walk.

It's a program to raise awareness, but also money so women can get those life saving tests.

Proceeds help pay for mammograms and cervical cancer screenings for people who maybe can't afford medical bills.

And this year was made even more special.

Parkersburg firefighters took us up in their bucket truck so we could get a better look at this creative show of support.

"The importance is making sure that these women know that this program is out there because there are so many women in this valley that don't know where to go to get help if they find a lump. So that's our purpose here. And it's also to honor survivors. To make sure that there is support out there for them and that we're doing this to honor and remember them," says director Joan Parsons.

"The area mayors always support this event and each year since it started a few years ago we've been here to kick it off and say a few words of welcome to the group and to congratulate them on all the hard work they've done to put this thing together. I mean you know breast cancer awareness is very important and the more people that are aware the more likely down the road there is going to be support for a cure," says Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell.

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