Seeking Shelter From the Cold

The more the temperatures drop, the more the homeless look for shelter.

There are a few local organizations providing that and more.

For the past couple of weeks, the Salvation Army's shelter has been seeing more and more people coming from along the river, and from under the nearby Fifth Street Bridge.

The Salvation Army tells us it brings out cots in case there aren't enough beds to handle those needing shelter.

Volunteers in its kitchen are also at work, serving a lot of people who need a hot meal.

"We already see those numbers going up in the evening to serve dinners, as well as in the mornings for breakfast," says Lt. Mechelle Henry. "Our numbers usually do go up during the winter season. We do prepare for that, so we have enough food and bedding or those that come in."

There are some renovations planned at the shelter, but Lieutenant Henry says those will not begin until after the holidays.

And the Salvation Army is always looking for volunteers to help out at the shelter, particularly to serve and prepare meals in its kitchen.

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