UPDATE: Semi-Truck Hits Utility Poles in Marietta

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UPDATE 3/11/2014 4:40 PM

A truck driver crashes on Front Street, taking out power poles and causing a lot of people in Marietta to lose their electric Tuesday afternoon.

The driver ends up bringing down three telephone poles and a lot more power lines with him

No one was hurt.

Crews worked for hours to plant three new power poles and restore power to the 900 block and part of the 800 block of Front Street.

AEP and Suddenlink arrived around 1 p.m.

It was a semi-truck that took all the poles and lines down and the driver said there were no signs telling him this wasn't a safe road for trucks.

The driver says came off Pennsylvania Avenue from the Shrine Club, then turning on to Front Street he couldn't take a left onto Second because it was closed, so he went down Front.

The top of the trailer caught power lines and then pulled three poles out of the ground, one pole damaging the passenger side of the trailer.

"Well when I heard the noise, yeah I was scared when I heard the bang from the pole hitting," says the truck driver, Edwin Thomas. "I've never driven down Front Street, no and there was no detour sign or anything else. I was forced to the right cause I couldn't go on Second."

"Well we need more of them here in Marietta, there are a lot of streets that ain't got them," says Marietta resident Todd Carpenter. "Especially around the fair rounds there are not truck route signs, there should be one there, or this stuff wouldn't of happened today."

Police say there is a sign for no trucks up at the top of the hill where Muskingum Drive merges into Front Street, but not where this driver came from.

Crews were on scene immediately blocking off the area and diverting traffic.

Any wires that were live were shut off, but the public was asked to stay away.

Neighbors that saw the whole thing say the driver was not slowing down, even after he took the first pole out.

Marietta Police did not cite the driver.

Authorities say a semi-truck took down three poles in the 900 block of Front Street in Marietta.

AEP and Suddenlink are on scene.

Several are without power on the street.

The driver of the truck says Second Street is closed, so he took the right onto Front Street.

There are signs on Front Street indicating it is not a truck route.

Authorities say cleanup will take at least a few hours.

We have a reporter on the scene and we will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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