Sen. Joe Manchin Discusses Obamacare With Small Business Owners

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Senator Joe Manchin discussed the Affordable Care Act with a group of local small business owners Wednesday.

Their concern is the provision which defines a full-time employee eligible for health care benefits as one who works 30 hours a week.

Small business owners like these would like to see that change.

"I think there are a number of things within the bill that are positive," says Matthew Herridge, Burger King franchisee. "But I think the one that is particularly difficult for most of us has been this 30 hours designation. We believe a full-time worker should only be one who works 40 hours or more."

The local Burger Kings employ about ten people, most of them in management.

The rest are younger, entry-level employees.

Senator Manchin co-sponsored legislation aimed at changing the limit on hourly employment.

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