Sen. Rob Portman Visits OU

The road to economic recovery runs through southeast Ohio.

And a U.S. Senator visited an example of that Friday.

Senator Rob Portman stopped at Ohio University in Athens Friday.

The university is the site of an innovation center, housing everything from solar panels to high-tech headphones.

The senator took time out from his visit to talk about the latest national unemployment figures.

While the economy overall continues a slow recovery, the numbers for job creation in December were more disappointing than expected.

That, while Congress continues to debate extending benefits for the unemployed.

Portman notes that, in the technology sector, employers are having difficulty filling job openings.

The innovation center was designed to help the growth and expansion of tech-based companies, several of which the senator viewed during his stop in Athens.

Senator Portman also met with Ohio University's president, Roderick McDavis, during his stop Friday in Athens.

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