U.S. Sen. Manchin On The Budget

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A U.S. senator from West Virginia is speaking out about the Senate's recent approval of a bill to keep the government running for at least three more weeks.

Senator Joe Manchin voted for this joint resolution Thursday that also includes $6 billion in spending cuts but he doesn't feel what he calls this "band-aid approach" to keep the government running is right.

"For us as a group of leaders or legislators who have not been able to put together a budget together, that's just absolutely unacceptable. The President as you know I have asked him to step out. The President, as the executive, he must lead. We need to set our values and our priorities on what we believe is important," he said.

Sen. Manchin said he sees some bipartisanship movement.

He will be back in West Virginia next week listening to residents across the state to try to bring their views back to Washington. He is calling it "Our Values, Our Priorities" week.

One of his stops will be at the Jackson County courthouse in Ripley to discuss the topic "Taking Care Of Our Families" with residents. He will be there Tuesday from 2:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.

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