Senator Brown Makes Stop on Tour Across the State

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Election day next week and now it's crunch time for candidates. Ohio Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate makes a stop in Marietta as part of a week long tour across Ohio.

Senator Sherrod Brown kicks off his forth day of the "Road to Ohio Jobs Tour," in the Pioneer City. Brown says he's been working with a local business here in Washington County, Cool Containers where he stopped Monday to celebrate a red tape cutting with the company.

He says it's about fighting for the middle class jobs and continuing to grow the local economy. "We're driving around in American Made Cars, cars made in Youngstown and Toledo, made from parts from all over Ohio. The unemployment rate in Ohio has gone from 10.6 down to 7 percent, which is still too high, still too many people in Belpre and Beverly and Churchtown and Marietta that don't have jobs but we're moving in the right direction and we've got to keep a focus on the middle class. That means auto rescue, enforcement of trade laws against China, working with Washington State and Community Colleges and helping small business."

Another hot topic in south eastern Ohio-- coal. "We're seeing some growth in the coal industry. there are more coalminers today and more coal producing than there were five years ago, I want to see clean coal, I want to see natural gas, I want to see solar and we have lithium battery technology that is creating jobs. We need an all of the above strategy because in the end it helps us ween ourselves off foreign oil and it helps us create jobs."

Before moving on to the next stop of the day, Brown stops to talk with the community about his vision for the future.
Brown faces republican opponent Josh Mandel.

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