UPDATE: Sen. Gentile Supports Severance Tax on Drilling

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UPDATE 2/10/2014 10:35 AM

One Ohio lawmaker is standing behind some people who want a proposed severance tax on oil and gas drilling to benefit their neighborhoods.

A Republican-backed house bill would tax production from fracking wells, at least 1 percent, for the first 5 years.

After 5 years, that rate would increase to 2 percent for high-producing wells.

The money would fund both Ohio's oil and gas regulatory framework and the department of natural resources.

But some people living near those wells say they want some of that cash too.

"I've been very impressed with the local leadership from throughout my district because they have descended on the capitol to make the case that if there is going to be an increase in this tax that a portion of that revenue, a fair share of that revenue, must come back to the counties that are producing the oil and gas," he says.

Senator Gentile says the bill is pending in Columbus, and that Governor Kasich and house leaders do intend to put a new severance tax in place.

Public service, leadership and policy issues.

An Ohio legislator discussed all three Friday with Marietta College students.

State Senator Lou Gentile addressed students in the college's organizational leadership classes.

He talked about his early years in politics, before he became a member of the Ohio House and then the Senate.

"I started in my early '20's working in politics and government," he says. "So I try to relate my experience in government, and encourage them that they can assume meaningful leadership roles in the future."

Senator Gentile says the students he spoke to are interested not only in leadership roles in politics, but in business as well.

His appearance was part of a day-long series of events at the college he took part in.

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