Senator Portman Makes a Stop in Marietta

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Visiting one of the bigger employers of the Valley, US Senator Rob Portman and Congressman Bill Johnson make a stop in Marietta Friday at Thermo Fisher. Both men say they are working on the Federal lever for company's like Thermo Fisher.

Senator Portman and Congressman Johnson took a tour of the facility, getting to know what really happens on a day to day basis. They also were able to speak with employees, answering questions about possible concerns

Thermo Fisher Competes world-wide for a large range of laboratory products.

Senator Portman and Congressman Johnson say it's about making sure companies, like Thermo Fisher, are not over regulated. They say it's also important to look at energy costs to be sure they're reasonable.

"The tax system, the corporate tax system in our country that's not competitive so, unfortunately, Thermo Fisher is competing globally with companies that have an advantage, so we're trying to reform the tax code for that reason," explains Senator Portman.

Also, making sure the health care costs are on point to help this facility, and others like it, thrive.

"Finally, the deficit issue that affects all of us. We do need to get the spending under control, we just need to ensure that the President gets involved with us in a smart way- that it's not across the board that's being put into place here in the next few weeks here unless something is done but rather that we prioritize in the kind of spending that makes sense and then we get ride of programs that are just programs that don't make sense."

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