Senator Rockefeller Co-Sponsors Anti-Discrimination Act

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Senator Jay Rockefeller is joining the ranks to help protect rights in the workplace. He's the 52nd co-sponsor of a bill to end gender or sexual oriented discrimination.

Currently, in West Virginia, it's legal for someone to be fired or denied housing because of their sexual orientation.

The Federal Employment Nondiscrimination Act is aimed to end that type of discrimination in the workplace. It's also aimed to end gender identity hate crimes.

Twenty-one states ban that type of discrimination. Some cities such as Charleston and Morgantown follow their own laws on discrimination. Senator Rockefeller wants laws state wide.

“The fact that discrimination is tolerated anywhere in our country needs to be addressed once and for all. The integrity of our nation,
and our ability to be a credible global leader on human rights,
means that all people must be treated equally under the law.”

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