Seven Arrested in Washington County Drug Busts

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Two Washington County homes are raided, taking down more than 77 grams of heroin and thousands in cash.

Seven people are arrested.

First a home on Pleasant Ridge Road in Marietta.

The Washington County Major Crimes Task Force finds Asia Peterson and Dlonate Tolbert, both from Detroit.

Agents say they had more than four grams of heroin packaged for sale.

Peterson also faces charges from a warrant out of New Mexico for aggravated battery.

Investigators say the two were staying with the home owners - Nissa Keagy and Earl Griffin, II.

They weren't home at the time.

In their room they say there was drug paraphernalia.

But then, outside the home, agents find nearly nine grams of heroin in a glass jar, packaged for sale.

Plus another 64 grams and $6,000 in cash in a coffee jar, making for a total of 77 grams of heroin.

Peterson is charged with complicity to traffic heroin while the other three face trafficking charges.

Then at another home - this one in Macksburg, the home of Hill Smith - investigators say inside they found seven grams of heroin and nearly $900 in cash.

They say Smith has been dealing heroin.

Agents also find Amber Addlespurger inside the home, who they say had two syringes - one full of heroin and the other with meth.

And a third person in the home - Bobbie Cantwell - with what police say was a spoon of heroin and drug paraphernalia.

Addlespurger and Cantwell face possession of heroin.

Smith faces trafficking in heroin.

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