Sewage Plant Stinks Up City

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If you live in Marietta, you may have been smelling something not so pleasant lately. That's because of a pipe that burst at the water treatment plant in January 2010.

the plants superintendent, Steve Elliott, says, "basically we did a process called anaerobic digestion which broke the organics down and actually helped to reduce odor we can no longer run that process, it's destroyed beyond repair."

The burst caused a flood of sewage in the basement of the facility, and the digestion process of the sewage treatment to stop.

Without this process, water sewage simply goes through a filtration system multiple times and is pumped clean into The Ohio River.

"What floats these lids up is not only liquid, it's methane gas and hydrogen sulfate and other noxious gases and it could have very easily exploded and blown the lid," operations manager, Mike Miser said.

The surrounding community was evacuated at the time of the accident for precautionary measures, but now all that remains is a constant and unpleasant smell that water treatment officials hope die down with an updated facility.

"We plan to start phase one construction in October of this year and part of that will be to bring a new electrical service in because the city's gonna switch from anaerobic digestion which is flammable and explosive," Elliott said.

With the new renovations, the city and workers hope to be able to breathe deep with a sigh of relief soon.

The plant's final phase is set to be complete in April 2013.

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