Sexting Law Goes Into Effect Soon

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Certain texting is now against the law.

West Virginia passed a law against sexting. The law takes effect this summer. The measure was approved by the legislature and Governor Tomblin signed it into law this week.

If minors are caught sexting they can be found delinquent.
This includes creating, sending, possessing or transmitting any type of sext.

"One thing I recommend to parents, is that if you kids have these smart phones, or any phone for that matter, take them away from time to time and go through them. Most kids have them password protected and just make that part of the deal. If I'm paying for your phone, I'm gonna go through it any time I want, and I'm quite sure that many of them will be surprised about what they might find on the phone," said Chief Deputy Shawn Graham, with the Wood County Sheriff's Office.

Chief Graham says it is important to be educated about the dangers of sexting. If you sext, always assume other people are going to see it.

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