Shale Impact Meeting

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We know the potential for job growth it offers here at home.

But right now, a lot of the jobs in the oil and gas industry are being created within the industry itself.

You have to be drug-free, you have to be 21 to handle hazardous materials and, to drive large vehicles, you need a commerical drivers license.

But there are jobs open in the industry to those with no more than a high school degree and the proper training.

A shale impact seminar Friday in Marietta was sponsored by the Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce and a local law firm.

Representatives of the local industry said they, like a lot of construction firms, need trade workers - jobs for which they don't need a college degree.

"I think there's going to be some great opportunities for young people with just some basic training, with welding, pipe fitting and those kinds of things as well," says Gordie Deer, Vice-President of B.D. Oil Gathering.

One roadblock to hiring qualified oil and gas industry workers has been substance abuse.

One of the participants said a large number of those otherwise qualified for jobs at a local firm weren't hired because they failed a drug test.

Deer is confident the drilling boom is having an effect on the local economy.

He points to two new motels which have opened on Marietta's Route 7 in just the past year.

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