Sheriff-Elect Meets With Commission

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A little more than a week after he defeated the incumbent sheriff who defeated him four years ago, Ken Merritt spoke with Wood County Commissioners Thursday.

Among matters the sheriff-elect addressed, were rumors about his health. He did undergo surgery in recent years for what he described as a melanoma.

But he says his only other medical issue is an injury he suffered more than 60 years the Korean war.

"It was something that happened while I was in the military," Merritt said following Thursday's meeting, "And there's nothing I can do about it. I had a melanoma, but it never moved anything. You can see where they took it off."

As for who will remain in the office with him, Merritt says he will evaluate all of the current personnel.

"There's going to be people who don't want to stay. There's going to be people the sheriff doesn't want. But it will be fair, and something I feel will be better for the people of Wood County."

There are several members, however, who have been in the office during both Merritt's and Sandy's administrations, as well as that of another former sheriff, Steve Greiner.

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