UPDATE: Little Hocking Woman Admits To Stabbing Herself, Making Up Story About Being Attacked

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UPDATE 12/11/13 6:50 PM

Washington County Deputies have an answer after a woman reported a man stabbed her Tuesday afternoon.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says she confessed to stabbing herself.

46 year old Tina Whealdon is in stable condition after surgery and has changed her story Wednesday night.

Wednesday night she told deputies she stabbed herself and made up the story about the man.

Sheriff Mincks says she has some medical issues and deputies are working with her doctors.

The public should know that there is no suspect on the run.
UPDATE 12/11/2013 5:50 PM

Washington County deputies keep looking for clues into a stabbing that left a Little Hocking woman in surgery for several hours.

The investigation continues as deputies talked with the victim, 46 year old Tina Whealdon Wednesday.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says she is in stable condition and giving the same details after surgery that she did before.

The sheriff's office is looking for possible people in the area matching the suspect description and taking DNA samples to be sent to a lab.

Deputies are continuing to look for any forensic and investigative leads they can find.

UPDATE 12/10/2013 4:00 PM

The Washington County Sheriff's Office identifies a woman stabbed in Little Hocking Tuesday as Tina Whealdon.

Deputies say she lives alone.

She has a large laceration in her stomach and is expected to be in surgery for three hours.

The incident happened around 1:45 p.m.

The sheriff's office says Little Hocking Elementary School was put on lockdown until its regular dismissal time, at which point students were released to go home as normal.

Police continue searching for the suspect.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says a man stabbed a woman in Little Hocking, then took off.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at 66 Federal Street.

The sheriff's office says a man knocked on the door at that address, demanding money.

They say when the woman who answered the door said no, he went inside and stabbed her.

The woman is undergoing surgery at Camden Clark Medical Center.

The man is 6 feet tall, with medium build.

He was last seen wearing a mask and dark clothing.

Deputies say he dropped the knife.

Anyone with information should call authorities.

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