Sheriff's Office Recovers Items, Recent Car Thefts

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A suspect has been arrested... and stolen items have been found...
but finding the owners to those items is not always easy.

Items from sunglasses and charger cords to xboxes and hunting gear have been found in the home of a Belpre man, Eric Touvell.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says they found items from what they believe to be a series of recent thefts from unlocked cars in the Barlow, Vincent area.

"If you've had binoculars, sunglasses, we've got a lot of charger cords. We've identified a couple of the victims but we still have a lot of property here that we're not sure where it came from," says Washington County Deputy Scott Mankins.

The Sheriff's office says if anyone has not reported any items that may have been stolen... to call them at 376-7070 extension zero.
Deputies says they will be asking for proof of ownership.

Deputies also remind everyone to take precautions.

"But what people need to realize is when they leave items in their unlocked cars these people drive around or walk around a neighborhood and they go up to the unlocked cars and go up to them and get merchandise out," says Mankins. "If you're going to leave anything of value in your car you need to lock it in your trunk, cover it up, so that somebody can't see it from the outside. But most importantly lock your car."

Below are several photos from a recovered camera.

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