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Downtown Marietta was invaded by shoppers as they made their way to area small businesses.

It's all part of Small Business Saturday.

Business owners enjoy every minute of getting customers into their store for a look at what they have to offer.

"Small Business Saturday has been absolutely awesome, people are having fun, they're getting good deals, they're glad to be in town and most of all, we are grateful," says American Flag and Poles Owner, Sylvi Caporale.

Shoppers in the historic downtown Marietta seem to enjoy the benefits of Small Business Saturday compared to Black Friday.

"It's not all the hustle and bustle. You can go your leisure way and enjoy the day and shopping and spending time with family and friends," added Tammy Wood.

"This is much more fun, you get to see people that you know and it's more of a family friendly community feeling rather than just knock people out of the way to get a better deal," replied Kathryn Hawbaker.

Saturday, the stores gave away offers you can't get anyplace else.

"We had Black Friday discounts which meant 20 percent off the whole store in addition to some areas where there were larger discounts and we decided to carry it over to Saturday," The Gallery Owner, Karen Van Camp said.

"We've got 21 dollar flags on sale for 8 dollars, so some of our banners are just an outstanding deal, we've got a little flag pole set that a mini flag pole that's 7 dollars and the pole itself would cost 10," says Caporale.

And this special shopping holiday also plays a major role in improving downtown business.

"It's a lot of challenges and they really need the business and the steady business not just for the holiday season but it really reminds people that you put your values into the community and that's what we're doing today," added Hawbaker.

American Express started the special shopping-day three years ago with millions of customers getting the word out on the internet.

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