Shop With a Cop

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The annual program gives 100 kids, 100 dollars to spend in Wal-Mart.

The FOP, Wal-Mart, and DHHR work together to give these kids a special Christmas.

And you can see just how much they enjoy it by the huge smiles on their faces as their parents and helpful escort let them loose down the toy aisles of Wal-Mart.

FOP president Chris Morehead says the program is just as fun for all the officers.

"The main goal of the Fraternal Order of Police and its officers is to always protect and serve the community. And I can't think of a nobler cause at Christmas time than making sure that the kids in our community have a good Christmas, and also they interact with us and learn that we're here to help them in any way that we can." says Morehead.

Each officer donates their time for the day and Morehead says most come back every year.

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