Shoplifting A Problem During Holidays

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Marietta Police say they fill up the cart and leave the store without paying.

From $5 all the way to $400, police say it is out of control.

The Marietta Police Department has been very busy.

We hear about car and house break ins a lot this time of year, but also people are stealing right from the store.

And sometimes it's not just little things, like a DVD or some gloves.

Instead, it's sometimes a microwave just put in the cart and rolled out the door.

But they catch them.

The department responded to multiple calls all weekend of shoplifters at Kmart, Walmart and more.

Captain Jeff Waite says it can be a safety issue.

Some people get as far as running out of the store and getting everything in the car and when they're pulling away, almost hitting other cars on their way out.

"We are only what, two to three days till Christmas? People get desperate, they don't have money, or maybe they are supporting a drug habit, or both. They get desperate and they turn to stealing," he says.

"We have a security system, but it's there, it's gonna happen, it's the season, people are stressed and some are short on cash and they feel they have to do something like that but ya know, it doesn't work out," says Betty Beardsley, Marietta Kmart jewelry associate.

Captain Waite says both stores have people watching for shoplifters then they call the police, so the chance they are going to get away with it is slim to none.

If you see anything suspicious while in a store shopping, do not confront them.

Instead tell an employee immediately.

He says people seem to do whatever it takes during the holidays to get gifts so the department expects to see the calls continue to come in for the next couple of days.

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